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Extraordinary life-like images and digital sound quality.

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What is HD technology?

HD technology is the state of the art technology in TV broadcasting transmitting high-quality images.


Why HD technology?

HD technology is designed to provide life-like images with the best sound quality.


What are the features of HD technology?

1.HD technology provides higher resolution and more detailed image movements by increasing the number of pixels of the pictures.
2.Higher resolution makes TV images sharper.
3.As for the sound quality, broadcasting enables 5+1 Dolby Digital sound transmission.
4.Thus, HD technology is much more superior to other broadcasting technologies in terms of display and sound.


How can I watch HD broadcasts?

HD broadcasts can be viewed with Digiturk Plus and Digiturk HD boxes.
Your TV must also be a compatible HD READY or FULL HD TV.
In order to watch HD broadcasts, you need to subscribe either to the Digiturk Plus Service with a Digiturk Plus box or to the HD broadcast service with a Digiturk HD box.


HD Boxes

1. Digiturk PLUS

Click for detailed information on Digiturk Plus.

2. HD Box

HD broadcasts are viewable with this box. However, it has no recording feature.
With a 24-month contract you can take advantage of Digiturk HD membership fees starting from 7,00 TL per month. Otherwise, membership fee is 12,00 TL monthly.


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